Camp fun time!!


Camp reflection

I am going to talk about what I loved at camp.

We were walking up the massive long road to the lighthouse. I was so excited to go up the  high stairs in the lighthouse. There were some facts about the lighthouse, like there is 136 steps and AROUND THE TWIST was shot there. I was really excited it took about 10 minutes to get up to the top. Then we go to the top I was shivering I didn’t want to go out it was up so high high high. It was so tall I felt like jumping of. The air was flashing past my face so fast!!! It was great when we were at the top we went around for a look on the lighthouse then we hade to go down. I felt like hiding and staying there and live there!!:)

And that is what I loved about when I went to Anglesea for my grade 4 camp!!:)