An array of 24 arms distinguishes this magnificent sunflower star from other sea stars. Soft skin in colors ranging from purple to brown, orange or yellow adds to its beauty. For a sea star, this animal is a scary predator.
These are some types are sunflower Seastar
Starfish, Echinoderm, Pisaster
ochraceus, Solaster dawsoni Sunflower seastars can grow to have an arm span of 1 m (3.3 ft) in diameter. Their color ranges from bright orange, yellow and red to brown and sometimes to purple, with soft, velvet-textured bodies and 16 to 24 arms with powerful suckers.

Threats for a sunflower sea star plastic wrappers, people, other sea animals like shark, whale and sting ray! And some other threats like oil and plastic bags!

We could stop threats to a sunflower sea star if we didn’t litter and if we didn’t try to kill them and throw rubbish in the water.

Diet. They eat clams, snails, abalone, sea cucumbers and other sea stars. In Monterey Bay, California, they will feed on dead or dying squid. Although the sunflower seastar can greatly extend its mouth, for larger prey, the stomach can extend outside the mouth to digest prey, such as gastropods like abalone.